Volunteer for a Board Committee

1. Penalty Evaluation Committee – Reviews the imposition of a fine by the Board of Directors

2. Policy Committee – Reviews the Association’s Rules and Regulations and assists with Enforcement

3. Finance Committee – Reviews the monthly financial reports and assists with other financial matters

4. Insurance Committee – Reviews the Association’s insurance needs

5. Emergency Planning Committee – Reviews actions that can be taken prior to, during and after an emergency event

6. Leasing Committee – Reviews lease applications and recommends approval or disapproval

7. Communications Committee – Assists with the Association’s Website, Email Blasts and Newsletters

8. Landscaping Committee – Meets with professional landscapers to determine the property’s landscaping needs

9. Social Committee – Assists with the planning of social activities

10. Legal Committee – Assists with legal matters facing the Association

11. Cable TV Committee – Reviews the Association’s Cable TV needs

12. Capital Projects Committee – Reviews reserve funding needs for capital improvements